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Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Skirt....

Over the weekend I whipped up a quick skirt for Miss Priss to wear to church, this Sunday. With St. Patricks coming this week, I knew we needed a festive skirt to celebrate the holiday in green fashion. This was fabric I just had laying around. It was given to me as a gift a year or so ago. I measured Miss Priss around the waist. She was 23in. I doubled that and cut a strip of fabric, which was 46 in wide and about 13 inches long (that is here measurement from waist to the knee). I added a simple ruffle to the front for some more flare. Added the elastic for the waist. In under an hour I had a new skirt for Miss Priss.

Some may think the skirt is a little long. I tend to make things longer than normal. This helps in allowing Miss Priss to get more wear out of skirts. We also don't like skirts above the knee, which is why my skirts tend to be a tad longer. You could totally shorten yours and it would look just as adorable :>

It may even make your little one want to bust a move.

Hope your Monday is a happy one 

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