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Friday, January 6, 2017

January Weekly Grocery Haul #1 - Fry's Grocery Store...

Hi guys! Today I have my grocery haul from this past week. I have been shopping weekly, since that is what is working best with my mama sanity. It is also all that Miss Tallia will allow right now. A full on monthly shopping trip is too much for her, so I keep it simple and stick to shopping for just one week.

This week I created my meal plan on my new planning sheets, which I have linked below. I then created my grocery list using the planning sheets. It made shopping so much easier! The list is divided into categories, so when you shop you don't have to waste time going back for things you may have missed seeing on your list.

To create my meal plan I used three meals from our previous week. With the holidays we had a lot of leftovers, so not all of our meals were made. I then had Jason, Keagan, and Libby come up with three meals they wanted to eat this week and I left the last day for leftovers. I shopped my pantry first and then made my list. I also let each person pick a treat/special snack they wanted me to get. Jason chose chips, Libby chose pretzels, and Keagan chose ice cream sandwiches. I got yoplait yogurts as my treat.

All together I spent $87.63 at Fry's grocery store. I took advantage of sales and only bought what was on my list, plus a few tiny extras. I tried really hard though to stick to my list and keep those blinders on, so I didn't get distracted by the end caps and sale items.

The older kids stayed at home for this trip, so it was just the baby and I. I had forgotten my moby wrap, so she tried sitting in the cart for the first time. She was so stinkin cute! I can't believe she has gotten so big and can now sit in the cart. Crazy!

This week's menu plan is below. I filmed a video tutorial for my meatballs. You can find the recipe here. I am hoping to get the video up sometime next weekend. I also am hoping to film when I make the creamy Italian chicken. That's a good one. :)

So there's the run down for the week and what we're eating. Let me know what you guys are eating in the comments. I love getting ideas from you guys. Oh and don't forget to add the planning pages below to your binders :)

 Menu Planning Sheet- Print HERE

Grocery List-  Print HERE

Enjoy the video!!

XO Danielle


  1. Great job. I love all your videos. Do you have lots of stockpiles? Thanks much Dawn

  2. Can you please post your creamy Italian chicken recipe? It sounds delicious!!

  3. I am loving your binder printouts! Thank you so much for creating and sharing them. Please continue to share how you are using them to organize your life. You're onto something great with that, mama!

    I'm also looking forward to seeing the Italian chicken recipe. I appreciate all you do! :)


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