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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Morning lovelies! Yesterday we had a pretty neat thing happen here stateside. We had a solar eclipse. We weren't in the path of totality, but we did get to see a pretty sweet show between the sun and moon.

We made the whole day eclipse themed. We started off by Jason, Tallia, and I waking up Keagan and Libby. We let Tallia crawl into their rooms and wake them. Jason and I shouted " it's eclipse day!". It was fun! We totally geeked out over eclipse day.

Once Tallia was done attacking Keagan and Libby with sloppery kisses (those are the best kind right?), I made chocolate chip pancakes. I look for any excuse to make chocolate chip pancakes. :) Then Jason showed the kids how to make pinhole viewers. I'm thankful he had today off. He was able to join in all the fun! 

Afterwards we got dressed and went down to our local library. The local astronomy club had set up telescopes for everyone to see the eclipse. One of the telescopes showed sun spots. That was Keagan's favorite. We also spent a lot of time staring at the sun. We wore our special glasses of course.

Later we went home and did some lessons from our 2017 eclipse activity book, which I bought from Amazon a few weeks ago. It had word searches and crossword puzzles. It also had mad lib and writing prompts. We also watched some videos on Brain Pop.

It was a fun day with family. We're now counting down to 2024 when the next eclipse will happen. Libby will be 18 guys!! Ahh!!

How'd you celebrate eclipse day?

XO Danielle


  1. Hey there! My daughter and I were right there with ya. Right here at home we were at 97% totality...super lucky we didn't have to fight crowds or traffic. We didn't have eclipse glasses either but grabbed my husbands welding hood with shade 14 glass so that worked great...kinda looked like two Darth Vaders standing in our did get cold though...but then again we are at 1700 feet sooo..had a good time watching....sounds like you and your crew did eclipse day right...awsome...those pancakes sound like something my kiddo would love...keep on doing what you do...hugs from Washington state!
    Oh and yes...sloppy kisses are the bomb!

  2. It was my birthday!! We ended up going to Washington, DC (we live 45 minutes away) to visit a museum and walk around and see the eclipse happen. We didn't have glasses but a government employee let us borrow his. The whole block area where we were, right in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world, was silent while it happened. It was so EERIE!! It was amazing. Next time I want to travel to see it in totality. The pictures and people's experiences sound so so neat!

  3. My husband and I stayed at home. He took the glass from a couple of welding helmets and taped them over a hole in a box. That way, we could just put the box over us and look at the sun. It was magical!

  4. i always like every your post thx for share


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